Spotted Sugar Rush Bengal Breeding
and Coleus plants

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Covid-19 and Spotted Sugar Rush

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, our commitment to this website has been rather low. Much has happened here in Sweden and in the world. Robin (catdad) has been on leave for 4 weeks and 60% rest of the time and motivation has been lower than ever. But know the world seems to open up again and so are we. Our upcoming plans requires constant updating, so we’ll try!  

Keep safe, keep distancing!

In other News…

The parasite tests that we’ve sent for tests came back negative, wich means of course that our females are parasite-free and ready to mate! Now we’re just waiting for the right moment to send them away for mating!😀

Catshows 2020-2021

All catshows are currently cancelled due to restrictions because of Covid-19. But as soon as its allowed get crowded again and catshows are opening up, then we will be there! Cupcake has made it far and we want to make her go even further. Since Ida (catmom) has MS, her infection risk is even higher than others, so we wont take any unnecessarily risks.

Mr. and Mrs. Sandström and their newly obtained strain.

We also have great interest in Coleus plants, even our bengals finds an interest in this

Minileo Vanellope and Glitterdash Zieselle is helping mom out in her Coleus room

Spotted Sugar Rush Bengal Breeding
Västerås, Sweden

Bengal breeding and Coleus plants