Kullen växer så att det knakar

Kattungarna växer så att det knakar! Dom är i dag redan tre veckor gamla och håller på att utforska kattboet. Uppe och står och går på sina små skakiga ben❤️
Om bara någon vecka som kommer dom att springa runt i hela huset och börja utforska resten av världen!

Samtidigt börjar vi överväga för lilla Cupcake att skaffa en kull också. Men det blir om någon månad, så att vi inte har två kullar med kattungar samtidigt 😂 Vi behöver dessutom skicka in lite prover för att se att hon inte bär på något olämpligt förstås! Vi utför alla kontroller och tester som krävs och behövs för att kunna få de friskaste och starkaste små katterna som lägger grunden för Spotted Sugar Rush och även visar att vi håller måttet även i framtiden!

Spotted Sugar Rush första kull

Första kullen till världen!

Spotted Sugar Rush har nu fått sin allra första kull. I går, den 10/10-20 när regnet stod som spön i backen var det dags. Runt 16-tiden drog värkarna igång. 17:05 kom det första miraklet som erbjöd en lugn start ändå. Fjärde och sista kom 20:05.

Så vitt vi vet än så länge så har allt gått bra. Inga komplikationer än så länge 😊

Här kan du se dom första bilderna på kullen. Mer bilder kommer upp med tiden allt eftersom pluttarna växer 😊

Ready, set, Mate!

We have recently tested our females for parasites due to keeping our strain clean and healthy. The tests has come back negative, wich means of course that Cupcake and Vanellope are free from parasites and ready to be mated😀
So in a near future we might see some kittens.
I’m currently building a page we’re you all can follow the progress. And me and my wife will try to post as much as we can on Facebook aswell.
We’ll try to keep you all as updated as we can through all of this 😄

Up and running!

We have been on a break since the outbreak of Covid-19.
But now we’re back and we will be updating our website continuesly since we’re about to have some baby kittens in a near future.
We have tested one of our females for parasites, wich came back negative of course! So we are good to go. There is one male waiting to mate and as soon as the little puff-ball is ready we’re shipping her to her new lovemate 😊
So hopefully there will be kittens before or around christmas!


We made to Champion!
Glitterdash Zieselle (a.k.a Cupcake) won her two last certificates and made it to Champion! We are so proud of our little pastry.

We planned to go on two more catshows just this month, and if she makes it there aswell, we need to find a good catshow abroad!
If you have any ideas where we could find it, we’ll gladly recieve your e-mails, comments and other ways to get in touch.


Another certificate earned!

Our own little Cupcake earned another certificate today! Yay us! 😀
The catshow continues tomorrow and if we’re lucky, we’ll get the third and last cert to gain the title of ”Champion”. From there on, we need to atleast get one or two cert’s abroad and the rest at ”home”, Sweden.

Wish us luck!

Still going strong!

Our website is still under construction, however, we’ve managed to put up some pictures from our very first cat show and of course some pics of our cutest furballs. 😍

Also there is a gallery, where we will put up some random pics, taken from our every day life, including the mr. and mrs., the kids and le cats.😁

On the panel to the left, you can sign up to follow the blog. We’ll try to keep it more updated in the future.

A new logo is in the making as well. The first one I made became too tiny and petty, so I stuck it up at the tab on your browser instead. Anyway, you can see it in full down below.👍

Have a great weekend and keep your eyes open for more updates!

The birth of Spotted Sugar Rush

Spotted Sugar Rush cattery was estimated by Ida and Robin Sandström in March 2019.
The website is currently under construction and will be updated over time as we attend to more cat shows, get more ideas and post various pictures and blogs posts.

We have two little bengals of our own and our dream is to expand our family in a not to distant future.

So just have a little patience until the website is up and running and fully functional 🙂

Bengal uppfödning och palettblad