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Mango and his sister were found in the woods by an old shed without their mother. Our assumptions were that a fox or another kind of predator had taken their mother from them. Mrs Sandström found an ad on the internet that a couple had two kittens and a very small flat, so they couldnt take care of them anymore. We called them and set up a meeting to see these two kittens, and we fell in love on sight. Our daughter, who wasnt even a year old at the time, got to name them. So they became Mango and Boop. However, Boop does not live with us anymore. She had to move to her boyfriend, sort of speak. Mango is the biggest reason to why we found interest in Bengals. Because this furry little ball of mjau has some Bengal-blood in him. He has some of the spots of a bengal, the energy and the psyche. Although it took us about five years to take the leap and buy a pure-bred Bengal cat.

Glitterdash Zieselle a.k.a Cupcake
Cupcake is our first pure-bred bengal cat. We bought her from a family outside of Eskilstuna, Sweden. When we first arrived there were three little bengal kittens running all over the place, and their mother watching over them as they climbed trees and played with each other. All of the three siblings looked quite alike and the choice was not easy. As they ran around the yard we finally pointed at one and said “that one”. And I seriously doubt that we made the wrong choice, because this little piece of leopard is full of love and energy. She acts like a dog while playing fetch and wagging the tail when shes happy. We had hopes for her to br our first step into Bengal breeding, but she has some dirt on her ancestors, we are still discussing it from time to time.

Minileo Vanellope
We wanted snow leopard and got in touch with Minileo. Although, they said they werent planning on getting any snow bengals for the time being, but would definitely keep in touch when they planned on getting new snowys. Although , we took the bite immediately, when the breeder called us and said that her recent brood shockingly became snowys. She’s still very young, but we’re looking for a suitable male snowbengal to make gorgeous little snowy kittens with. Minileos strain is very energetic and full of life. There isnt many calm moments with this little gal in the house!

Bengal breeding and Coleus plants

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